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Ingredients Glossary

An alphabetized list of all the ingredients we use here at AJ's Nature Made



Babassu Oil- A vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm. Known to be antibacterial and antifungal, has moisturizing properties. (Found in Immunity Boost, Herbal Choice, Flower Child)


Castor Oil- A vegetable oil pressed from castor beans. Known to be antibacterial, soothing, and protective. (Used in all soaps)


Chamomile Flowers- A natural botanical with a wide array of external and internal benefits. (Found in Calming Chamomile)


Geranium Essential Oil- An oil produced from steaming distilling Geranium leaves and flowers. Known to improve skin elasticity. (Found in Flower Child)


Raw Honey- A natural exfoliant, nurtures the skin, anti-inflammatory. (Found in Oats n' Honey)


Jasmine Essential Oil- An essential oil derived from the white flowers of the jasmine plant. Known to be antibacterial while soothing the skin. (Found in Flower Child)


Kaolin Clay, Rose- A clay mineral. Used to absorb excess oil from the skin and has restorative properties. (Found in Flower Child)


Lavender Essential Oil/Lavender Seeds- An oil produced from steam distilling the lavender flower. Known to nourish the skin, also improves skin elasticity. (Found in Flower Child)


Lemon Essential Oil- An extraction from lemon peels, cold pressed. A natural exfoliant, has detoxifying agents, and the ability to brighten the skin. (Found in Immunity Boost)


Lemongrass Essential Oil- An oil produced from steam distilling lemongrass leaves. Known to remove impurities and detoxify. (Found in Immunity Boost)


Oatmeal- Has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes dry skin, a natural exfoliant. (Found in Oats n’ Honey)


Olive Oil- A liquid fat obtained from olives. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. (Used in all Soaps)


Orange Essential Oil- An essential oil produced from the rinds of oranges. Improves radiance, nourishes dry and irritated skin. (Found in Immunity Boost)


Palm Kernel Flakes- Obtained from the kernel of cracked nuts of the palm. An antioxidant with Vitamin E, a natural emollient to help moisturize dry skin. (Found in Oats n’ Honey and Calming Chamomile)


Peppermint Oil- Derived from the peppermint plant. A cleansing natural antiseptic. (Found in Herbal Choice)


Rosemary Oil- Derived from the herb rosemary. A natural astringent, balances and tones the skin. (Found in Herbal Choice)


Shea Butter- A fat extracted from the shea tree. Softens, moisturizes, and conditions the skin. (Used in all soaps)


Sodium Hydroxide- A chemical compound that holds or maintains the pH of soap. Is diluted during the saponification process in soap. (Used in all soaps)


Spirulina Powder-A blue-green algae, contains b vitamins and vitamin e. (Found in Herbal Choice)


Sunflower Oil- An oil pressed from Sunflowers. Rich in Vitamin A and E, ideal for skin health. (Found in Calming Chamomile)


Sweet Almond Oil- An oil derived from Almonds. Reduces appearance of scarring, improves complexion and skin tone. (Used in all soaps)


Turmeric- A flowering plant in the ginger family. Known to improve complexion, is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. (Found in Immunity Boost